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About This Blog….

Sharing! That becomes our point of intersection. I created this blog to share with you some of the ideas, tips, tricks and best practices for internet marketing. Through years of experience that has led to a mastery of internet marketing techniques, coupled with some of the best marketing approaches devised after extensive experimentation, this platform is a resource for you.


Millions of people have that right product or service, but every time they try to make a hit out of it, their strategies flop miserably. This is despite the fact that they try to use some of the best books penned down by some of the greatest marketers. Every day they expect a sale or even an expansion of the customer base, they end up freezing it. Why is that so?


In fact, that is why I dedicated this blog for you, the visitor. I have come out of the traditional ways of marketing to some of the widely accepted ultra modern techniques that will guarantee you success in your venture. You most definitely want to quit losses and substantially increase on your bottom line. That is why this blog is here, that is why I have the experience; that is why I am a technophile, yes, technology is the key.


To begin with, you will find this blog useful in your marketing process because you will be mustering knowledge from pragmatic and tested approaches and not mere theoretical idealism.


Without bragging, I am an internet marketing geek and a technophile! I believe in social justice that is realized through sharing of resources and knowledge. I have been an internet marketer for over 4 years and enjoy helping others to achieve success. That is the fundamental principle why this blog is up, it is for you!


Besides internet marketing, I love to dance, house music, metaphysics, and probably enjoy goofy and dark humor a bit too much. I spend most of my time in front of a computer jacked up on coffee or wandering the town aimlessly. I am an aspiring eyebrow combover model. I love dogs, and good battle of the wits.


Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as well so that we ensure maximum benefits for the blog users.