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Success Leaves Clues


I would like to quote one of my favorite authors and a world renown speaker Anthony Robbins. He is well known for his ability to create positive change in the life of individuals. One recommendation he stresses is doing the same thing as those you wish to be like, and you can have the same successes they do.  If you want an award winning cake, take the recipe of a master baker and do exactly what he does and you will get the same results.


You may be thinking, “What in the heck does this have to do with me?”  Well, many of us who are not yet gifted in writing excellent ad copy or a sales “call to action” can benefit from the masters of this skill set.  For example, go to any forum you are a member of, scroll down a thread and look at each of the signatures. Which ones command your attention to click on and which ones don’t? If there are any that make you wish to click on the link, write them down. These are usually the ones that others will click on too.


There is no need to plagiarize but you can either use the same type of signature in your posts or change it a bit to make sure you are original as possible. For example, I used one I found on a forum that questioned my right to click on a link due to not being a part of his membership club. It was obvious the membership was suggestive only, and only there to tempt me to click, and of course I clicked the link, wondering what the secret was and just out of plain curiosity with a touch of  “you can’t keep me out” or “I wonder what they are trying to keep from me”.


I was so amazed by how quickly I was inclined to click.  I now use a version of this signature and have had my first sale with it for over $300 just by using a passive sales technique. Ka-Pow! The secret of this is the classic sales techinque called the “take away” that presents you with an opportunity, then tells you that you may not have the item or service.


Try it and see for yourself.

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